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A CD of Bert and I stories . . .

This new-last-fall CD features Bert and I founder Bob Bryan and Maine humorist Tim Sample on their first album together since 1983's How to Talk Yankee. The 22 tales on Bert and I...Rebooted -- including a brand new "Bluebird" adventure -- are in the Downeast humor tradition of the original Bert and I albums by Marshall Dodge and Bob Bryan, which took New England and the nation by storm a few decades ago, and are still tickling ribs today. Cover art is by longtime Bert and I illustrator, Mark Andres.

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Drawing by Mark Andres.

The Bert and I

Stage & Radio Hour

We're looking for the next "Bert and I" -- Maine characters who can carry on the Downeast storytelling tradition begun by Marshall Dodge and Bob Bryan more than 55 years ago. 

We need actors -- both male and female, amateur and professional--  who are able to speak a wide range of dialects and create characters for on stage radio skits.

For more information click here: Bert and I Auditions.

Get in touch! Email us at Auditions@BertandI.ME with a link to your website, or send us your resume.

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