About us

      In 2012, when David Lyman and I licensed the rights to "BERT AND I" from founder Robert (Bob) Bryan, and started The Bert and I Company of Maine, we hoped to make a comedy motion picture based on classic Bert and I characters and situations, along with other projects that would make people laugh.   

      Soon after we signed the papers, Bob came to us and asked, "Is there any reason I couldn't make a NEW Bert and I album with Tim Sample, under the new company?"  We were thrilled with the prospect, and said, "Let's go for it!" 

      As producer, I had a blast working with these two very funny men on what would become the first new "Bert and I" recording in more than 35 years.  

      We released our new CD,  BERT AND I... REBOOTED 

in October of 2013 to a fine reception in Maine, New England, and beyond. We'd had a hunch that folks who were young a few decades ago (as we were) would still remember and love Bert and I, and it was confirmed! We also found that the children and

grandchildren of those "old" fans felt a strong connection to those "old" storytelling lobstermen and their quirky friends, too!

      We started our online store in 2013 and soon added the original-album recordings on CD, books, and Bert-and-I-inspired hats and T-shirts to our inventory to become a one-stop shop for Bert and I products.

      We've loved hearing from customers who are longtime fans about how they first encountered Bert and I many years ago; and it has also been great fun to introduce folks who hadn't yet met it to real old-time Down East humor, which, we contend, never gets old. It's still funny, even after all these years! 

      If you have any questions, comments or concerns about our products, shipping, payments, returns, ordering, or anything else, please get

in touch with me by email   

or phone.


Bob Bryan founded the BERT AND I legacy with Marshall Dodge in 1958, and started the Quebec-Labrador Foundation in 1961. He died on December 12, 2018.                 



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David Lyman founded the Maine Photographic Workshops––later known as the International Photographic and Film Workshops––in Rockport, Maine in 1973, and hosted photographers and filmmakers from all over the world for 30 years. A long-ago student and associate at the Workshops, Cherie Hoyt produced and directed media projects in the Boston area "back in the day."