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HERE ARE SOME LINKS to Internet sites we like, all of which relate, in some way, to BERT AND I, Downeast/Yankee humor, life in Maine and New England, or something else we've found interesting that we want to share. Check this page now and then to see what's new...  



As a young clergyman fresh out of Yale Divinity School, storyteller Robert (Bob) Bryan bought a floatplane with proceeds from the 1958 album he'd made with Marshall Dodge, BERT AND I...AND OTHER STORIES FROM DOWN EAST, and established a flying ministry with the Anglican Church of Canada. Then, in 1961, he launched the Quebec-Labrador Foundation to further assist coastal communities in Eastern Canada and Maine. Today, QLF is still going strong, and continues to promote environmental conservation and cultural stewardship around the world. There's lots more information about Bob's life as a flying clergyman and environmental/cultural protector in his memoir, ROBERT BRYAN: THE FLYING PARSON OF LABRADOR AND THE REAL STORY BEHIND BERT AND I, and luckily, even though the hardback version was long-ago sold-out at normal prices, the paperback edition is still available. The book is an excellent read!                                                                                



Tim Sample was mentored by both Marshall Dodge and Bob Bryan in his early years of practicing the art of Maine humor. In his public performances over the years, he has always paid tribute to "BERT AND I," yet he developed a unique storytelling style all his own. We are thrilled that he partnered with Bob Bryan in 2013 to make the CD, BERT AND I...REBOOTED, the newest addition to the Bert and I canon, available here, of course. At Tim's MAINE HUMOR STORE on his website, you can purchase any of the many funny CDs and DVDs he has made over the years. You can also see his live performance schedule, book a Tim Sample show for your organization or private party, see lots of photos of his life, and watch videos of his shows. If you're web-surfing, stop by and pay him a visit.



Islandport Press, an independent publisher located in Yarmouth, Maine, is the official distributor of all of the original Bert and I recordings by Marshall Dodge and Robert Bryan. We carry these albums as CDs here in the Bert and I Company Store (this website), and they can also be found in stores throughout New England and at and other online stores. In 2008, Islandport Press produced the compilation CD, THE BEST OF BERT AND I, and in 2011 published BERT AND I...THE BOOK, a handy compendium of information about the history of Bert and I. The company also publishes and distributes books and recordings by Maine humorists, Susan Poulin (Ida LeClair), and John McDonald, and by practitioners of storytelling humor from elsewhere in New England.  In fact, Islandport is one of the premier regional publishers of Maine and New England-related books of ALL kinds. They publish fine works of nonfiction (history, memoir, natural history, humor), as well as fiction set in this region, children's books, and New England cookbooks. 



Islandport now publishes a lush online magazine/blog, that, in their words, "features profiles, photo essays, original fiction, and book excerpts, as well as stories on such topics as sports, business, music, history, arts, and culture."


Founded in 1967, Down East Books has published hundreds of books relating to Maine and New England, including (in their words) "narrative nonfiction, travel, cooking, history, and children’s books...." Down East is the publisher of two books we offer here at The Bert and I Company Store: Bob Bryan's memoir, ROBERT BRYAN: THE FLYING PARSON OF LABRADOR AND THE REAL STORY BEHIND BERT AND I, and the expanded edition of the1981 illustrated book, BERT AND I...AND OTHER STORIES FROM DOWN EAST, which was released by Down East Books during the 2014 holiday season. Along with the 14 stories in the first edition are six additional tales from the original albums (more old favorites), illustrated, once again by artist Mark Andres, a Maine native now living in Portland, Oregon. Down East Books is now an imprint of a large national publisher, Rowman & Littlefield, but its focus is still on Maine and New England subjects and stories. 


This monthly "Magazine of Maine" has brought information about all aspects of life in Maine to readers since 1954. Over the years there has been an article or two in it about Marshall Dodge and Bert and I, and in recent years, we have placed ads for our Bert and I products in the magazine, knowing that most readers will at least have heard of the two old salts and their stories!  


YANKEE MAGAZINE      The grand old periodical of New England life and lore, Yankee Magazine, has been around since 1935, and one of its well-known sidekicks, The Old Farmers' Almanac, was purchased by Yankee's owner in 1939, after more than 250 years of publication. When we were about to release BERT AND I...REBOOTED and start our webstore, Bob Bryan urged us to put some ads in Yankee Magazine (which we did!) because that's where he and Marshall Dodge had advertised their first album, BERT AND I...AND OTHER STORIES FROM DOWN EAST in 1958, to a tremendous response. So we were pretty sure, when we released BERT AND I...REBOOTED, that many, if not most, Yankee readers would be familiar with Bert and I, and would be glad to see a new recording from "the old salts." 



This monthly newsprint-and-online publication containing "News and Comment by and for the Fishermen of Maine" stopped publication in the middle of 2020 because of the drastic slowdown in the fishing industry caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. This sea-oriented journal offered many perspectives on life in Maine, including articles about the political and environmental challenges that people who work on or near the sea must contend with, as well as information on many other subjects: For instance, the June 2018 edition had an article about Bald Eagles, a piece entitled "Maine's Volcanic Summer of 1816," an article about the effort to save Atlantic Right Whales from death by entanglement in fishing lines, a story about the launching of a Maine-made 4-masted schooner in 1919. It always published schedules for the Maine Lobster Boat Races and more. You can check out their articles from days and years gone by clicking the Fishermen's Voice hyperlink above and then clicking on "Archives." A lot of their articles are still relevant! 



The 2020 and 2021 Lobster Festivals had to be cancelled because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Looking towards a brighter future, please note that THE 2022 MAINE LOBSTER FESTIVAL IS SCHEDULED FOR AUGUST 3-7, 2022. There will be lots of fun and fascinating things to see and do: The Big Parade, Seafood Cooking Contest, Lobster Crate Race, Fun Run & Walk road race, musical and other entertainment, arts & crafts and food booths, and of course TONS of LOBSTER––and  as the organizers claim, the world's largest lobster pot! If you plan to be in the Rockland area in early August of 2022, you might want to sign up to VOLUNTEER at the festival ––for a different kind of good time! 



This nonprofit group in Bucksport is dedicated to the preservation

of old motion picture footage of life in northern New England. If you have any old 8mm (or other) footage that shows how life "used to be" in bygone days, you might consider donating it to Northeast Historic Film––which owns and operates the Alamo Theatre in Bucksport, and often shows clips from "old films" before the  featured production! They were closed during Covid 19 Pandemic, but they are reopening the Alamo Theatre on July 2nd, 2021.



This company specializes in long-brimmed caps, perfect for wearing out on the water––and they carry many other products as well. The proprietor tells me he has been a fan of Bert and I stories for ages, so stay tuned––we may yet find a way to collaborate!


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