First released as an LP in 1958, BERT AND I...AND OTHER STORIES FROM DOWN EAST by Marshall Dodge and Robert (Bob) Bryan started a laugh-storm in New England that soon spread across the country. The album's title story introduces us to "Bert and I," a couple of old salts who head out to sea in their lobster boat, The Bluebird, on a fateful, foggy day. With its dry New England style of storytelling and uncanny, hilarious mouth-made sound effects, this story and the others that follow it made this album (now CD) the exemplar of Down East Humor nationwide! Memorable tracks include "The Lighter Than Air Balloon," "Which Way to Millinocket," "Which Way to East Vassalboro," "Albert's Moose," "Mad Dog," "Down East Socialism," "Arnold Bunker Testifies," and "The Long Fezzle." (I hate to leave any out–they are ALL memorable) Here we first get to know Virgil Bliss, Camden Pierce (who goes to New York) and Harry Whitfield, among other unforgettable characters.

Bert and I...And Other Stories from Down East