Good news! The publisher of the Bert and I CDs found some copies of this double-album CD in his warehouse and sold me a few copies to sell here. It contains ALL the stories from the first two albums, BERT AND I...AND OTHER STORIES FROM DOWN EAST and MORE BERT AND I, (33 tracks!) and was first released in the 1980s by Bert and I, Inc, then re-mastered and re-released in the 2000s by lslandport Press.  This CD includes the original Bert and I story about the Bluebird and the Bangor Packet, old favorites like "The Lighter Than Air Balloon," "Down Eat Religion," "Down East Socialism," "Which Way to Millinocket," The Plane Ride," and "The Punt,"and introduces us to Kenneth Fowler, Camden Pierce, Arnold Bunker, and Virgil Bliss.  It's a companion to the 2nd double-album, THE RETURN OF BERT AND I. 

Double Album: Bert and I PLUS More Bert and I

  • From the first album, BERT AND I...AND OTHER STORIES FROM DOWN EAST, we have the title story, "Bert and I," in which the Bluebird is destroyed by The Bangor Packet. It introduces us to Bert and I, their boat (The Bluebird) and to some uncanny and hilarious mouth-made sound effects that helped propel the LP to wide acclaim. Other memorable tracks are "The Lighter Than Air Balloon," Which Way to Millinocket, Which way to East Vassalboro," "Albert's Moose," "Mad Dog," "Down East Socialism," Arnold Bunker Testifies, and The Long Fezzle. (I hate to leave any out - they are ALL memorable) Here we first get to know Virgil Bliss, Camden Pierce (who goes to New York) and Harry Whitfield, among other characters. In MORE BERT AND I, we hear about a wacky adventure aboard The Bluebird II, a silent plane ride, and get to know Virgil Bliss and Harry Whitfield better - and more.