This double-album CD (48 tracks in all!) by Marshall Dodge and Bob Bryan includes all the tracks from the 3rd and 4th Bert and I albums, THE RETURN OF BERT AND I and BERT AND I STEM INFLATION, which both came out in the 1970's. Along with five stories actually featuring the adventures (or misadventures) of Bert and I, this CD includes another visit with Virgil Bliss, and 3 stories about the intrepid Harry Whitfield. Some very short, dry, oh-so-Yankee dialogues, including "Texas and Maine," "Buryin'," and "The Chicken Truck," balance out some long, wonderful narratives by Marshall Dodge, including "Ma'am Hackett's Compost Heap," "Frost, You Say?" and "Cutler Harbor." It's impossible to pick a favorite, though.

Double-Album: Return of Bert and I PLUS Bert and I Stem Inflation

  • In THE RETURN OF BERT AND I, the old salts plug a gash in an oil tanker with their latest "Bluebird" lobster boat, and clean up the oil spill. We are introduced to "Gagnon, World Champion Moose Caller," we hear a tall tale about "The Stove with the Powerful Draft," find out why the driver of "The Chicken Truck" travels with a baseball bat, and how "Harry (Whitfield) Startles Wiscasset." In BERT AND I STEM INFLATION, the caretaker has "No News," we get attached to "The Pet Turkey," a preacher gives his very small congregation "The Whole Load," "Lewis Bayard and the Judge" have a conversation in court, we hear about an old man's morning routine in "Frost, You Say?" and a Maine farmer has a very short conversation with a Texas Rancher in TEXAS vs MAINE. That's just a few of the stories that'll make you smile, chuckle, and laugh out loud. And the best ones are those you don't quite "get" at first!